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Most Hyperactive Dog Breeds

Some dogs are sedentary, and others require high levels of physical activity to stay mentally healthy. Many dogs are somewhere in the middle. They need regular exercise but can manage days with minimal play and exercise. But some breeds are different. These types of dogs have boundless energy. They are difficult to keep as house pets since they can become agitated and develop undesirable habits if they miss exercise. But if an active dog is something you are looking for, the following article discusses the most hyperactive dog breeds on the planet.

Top 14 Most Hyperactive Dog Breeds

Border Collie

Most Hyperactive Dog Breeds

What are the most hyperactive dog breeds? Border collies are the most popular working breed. Historically, the Border collie has worked on ranches and farms. Border collies easily top the list of most hyperactive dog breeds. This dog demands both mental and physical exercise to keep themselves happy and healthy. As a dog owner of this breed, they must get training and exercise to thrive.

Siberian Husky

What are the most hyperactive dog breeds? The Husky is another working breed. They were bred to run long distances. This dog certainly has the energy to do anything. Siberians make fantastic family companions as long as they get sufficient physical activity. Otherwise, they develop destructive behavior and may even escape out of the house if they become bored.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd was developed as a herding breed. It worked on ranches and farms. Even dogs that were developed to be pets have tons of energy to do these tough jobs. Because of this, they require regular exercise for their happiness and health.

Labrador Retriever

Most Hyperactive Dog Breeds

What are the most hyperactive dog breeds? This dog is one of the top breeds. Labrador retrievers need regular exercise. They are popular dogs since they make awesome companions in the outdoors. They require exercise to make them contented household pets. Labs can develop destructive habits when bored and under-stimulated.

Jack Russell Terrier

Their small size packs tons of energy. They are excellent at many dog sports such as hunting. Even if you do not share their enthusiasm for these activities, your Jack Russell must get plenty of mental and physical exercise, or they might become a terror to live with.


What are the most hyperactive dog breeds? Dalmatians were bred to pull carriages. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that they have tons of energy to complete arduous tasks. Even today, the breed retains this energetic DNA. They are awesome house pets as long as they get enough stimulation. If they don’t get enough activities, they might become destructive.


Both Labradors and Poodles are high-energy dog breeds. When you combine them, you get a superb companion that is easily excitable. Due to their widespread popularity, Labradoodles are one of the in-demand breeds. Keep in mind; these dogs require adequate exercise and training to keep them satisfied.


Vizslas are Hungarian hunting dogs. They were bred to be energetic and always ready. It comes as no surprise that once this dog becomes bored, they become bothersome. This breed thrives when they get daily vigorous exercise and training. It helps keep their minds and bodies busy.


Most Hyperactive Dog Breeds

Weimaraners are another hunting breed. These dogs were developed to have sufficient energy to keep up with their dog owners and the hunt. This breed is highly intelligent and requires plenty of exercise to keep them from getting bored and agitated. Although they are extremely active, they will give you tons of affection.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This is a versatile, fun-loving breed. They are large and beautiful and require sufficient exercise to stay satisfied and healthy. As long as they are with their beloved humans, they are happy and ready to do anything.


These are tiny dog breeds, which are surprisingly one of the most energetic dogs you could find. With such a strong and vocal temperament, this breed can quickly become destructive. It is especially true if they don’t get sufficient attention and exercise. They enjoy being with people and playing outdoors. Make sure your little furball gets daily walks to expend their energy. If you want to live with a happy and calm dog, you should play and frequently interact with your Chihuahua.

Irish setter

If you require a higher energy dog that is built for the toughest physical activities, jogging and hiking companion, you can depend on your Irish setter to keep up with you. This breed has tons of energy and an awesome companion for active families. They have a rich color of chestnut red hue, making them look grand and elegant.

An Irish setter needs plenty of space to run. They require training and exercises with lots of movement, such as tugging and fetching. Without such activities, it can make your dog anxious. They might develop negative behaviors.

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature pinschers are under the shorthaired German Pinscher breed. Without a doubt, it is a high-energy dog. Mini pinschers are fearless and intelligent. They come to you with high levels of energy. If there is nothing to do, they might even chase their tails instead of sitting calmly in a corner.

With plenty of playful games and training activities, this breed can become an excellent member of your family. Lack of exercise can result in aggressive behavior. You will also find these high-energy dogs are suspicious of strangers.

Belgian Malinois

This breed has strong herding and protective instincts. It is a high-energy dog that requires plenty of exercises. The Belgian Malinois is notable for its alertness and intelligence. They have high levels of physical energy, which need to be expended in productive activities.

This breed can be hyperactive at times. If you do not provide them with plenty of physical activity, they might resort to destructive behavior instead of just being grumpy and sulking in one corner.

Can You Live With a Hyper Dog?

The term hyper- is notoriously associated with undesirable behavior. But hyperactive dogs are not necessarily more high maintenance than other breeds. Typically, a hyper dog has more excess energy and maybe more curious compared to other breeds. To find out if a hyper dog is the right choice for you, it is crucial to consider several factors about your habits and lifestyle to make sure these dogs meet your needs.

Activity Level

If you love long walks, active sports, exercise, and adventures outdoors, you will have a terrific companion in a hyper dog who loves working off his excess energy as well. But if you’re idea of relaxing is quiet time with a book, doing crafts, and watching television, you might want to consider a more laid-back breed.

Time at home

Hyperactive dogs quickly become stressed if they are cooped up for too long. They might develop undesirable behaviors such as barking and chewing objects. If you travel a lot, spend long periods away from home, work excessively, and have a jampacked calendar, you might want to opt for a more sedentary breed.

Family size

Consult with all family members before selecting a dog breed. A majority of hyperactive dogs do not socialize well with very young kids, especially infants and toddlers. They might not be able to control their energy enough to avoid mishaps and accidents. Similarly, senior family members may not be able to manage a hyperactive and energetic dog.


A hyperactive dog needs plenty of space to expend its energy. A big home with a large yard is best for them. If your house doesn’t have a yard, you should have access to a park where you can regularly walk your dog. If you live in a small apartment far from parks and open spaces, your best option is a less energetic dog.

Training commitment

Hyperactive dogs require training beyond basic obedience to keep their minds and bodies sharp throughout their lives. Before you consider a hyperactive dog, make sure to train your dog well, and reinforce good behavior and expand training.

Handling a Hyper Dog – Most Hyperactive Dog Breeds

Even if you love having an energetic dog as your companion, it is crucial to know how to calm your hyperactive dog when the situation warrants it. Help your dog relax with the following methods:

Have a routine, so your dog knows what to expect for the day. Reinforce this routine with consistent, firm, and positive commands.

Make training a priority and consider it a lifelong task. Make sure your dog has something new to learn after they have been trained in the basic commands. Teach them sports, hunting, and agility.


Your dog must have access to stimulating exercise for their body and cognitive health. Provided them with treat toys, fun games, and new experiences to help them expend their energy productively.

Provide your dog with a well-balanced diet appropriate for its age, breed, and temperament. Never overfeed your dog with treats, which can result in obesity and mitigate your dog’s ability to work off excess energy.

Be vigilant of situations that trigger your dog’s hyperactivity, such as meeting strangers and visiting the vet clinic. Make sure to work on training solutions for those triggers.

Good Behavior

It is crucial to teach your hyperactive dog good manners. Certain behaviors may seem like hyperactivity, but in most cases, it is simply a lack of obedience training and manners. Because of this, it is crucial to enroll your dog in a training class where they can learn to engage with you properly to get what they want instead of developing undesirable behaviors. Training sessions allow your dog to manage their impulses. Impulse control is especially difficult for most hyperactive dogs. Train your dog to sit while asking for something. It is a way of saying please. This training becomes a habit and maintained throughout their lifetime.

Wear Your Dog Out

It is easier to manage a dog if they have little energy to expend in the first place. Walking them is crucial. It provides them with exercise and channels their energy, and drains it up.

Only allowing your dog to walk and run around in the yard to do their business cannot mitigate hyperactivity. It can even lead to more excitement once it is over and not less. Instead, walking your dog appeals to their biological instincts. It mimics their activity in the wild where they hunt with the pack in a mission to find food, water, and shelter. Once they return home, they get rewards for working with the pack. They will associate the feelings of calm with these rewards.

Should You Give Your Hyperactive Dog Medication?

If you have tried every calming technique for your hyperactive dog and they are still agitated, they might need medication. Clinical hyperactivity in dogs is a known medical condition that requires treatment. Keep in mind, not every high-energy dog will be diagnosed as clinically hyperactive. If your dog never calms down, it is time to get them examined by a vet for an exact diagnosis.

Typically, your vet will have them undergo a series of tests and observe their behavior. They will examine if your high-energy dog is indeed clinically hyperactive. Your vet will recommend medications for your dog, which typically include canine versions of calming drugs such as Dexedrine and Concerta. The vet might also recommend calming exercises for your dog.

It will help if you apply a bit of extra care in making sure that your dog has plenty of physical activities to expend their excess energy the right way. Redirect their energy in productive endeavors, so they do not become a misbehaved pet.

Final Thoughts – Most Hyperactive Dog Breeds

If you enjoy intense physical activities, you will have rewarding experiences with any of the most hyperactive dog breeds. It helps that they come in all sizes and shapes. You can choose from well-built hefty dogs such as the Belgian Malinois to tiny and cute Chihuahuas. But for extreme challenges such as mountain hiking and jogging long distances, an Irish setter might be the best dog for the job.

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