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5 Best Food to Feed a Dog with Liver Problems

If your dog is suffering from hepatic issues, then it is very crucial to give them the best food to feed for a dog with liver problems. Generally, specialized diet for a dog with liver issues is a big help for canines with liver malfunction. Moreover, it is highly important to understand what food to give your canine with liver problems because a dietary change for them is the key to liver regeneration while keeping good nutrition.

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As we go along, we will share to you the best food available in the market that is suitable for dogs with hepatic issues. Aside from that, we will also have a brief explanation about the liver disease in canines and give you a dietary guideline needed by your dog. So, if you want to give them the best nutrition that they need despite the liver issues that they are facing, then let’s try to know that food one-by-one.

The Canine’s Liver Disease

Like in humans, the liver organ in dogs also functions as a cleaning tool, toxin and waste removal system, and bile production device. All of these functions basically lead to better digestive health for canines. The problem comes out the moment the liver of the dog has been compromised. There could be toxin build-up inside their body thus having a great impact on other organs and cause havoc to their overall health.

Causes of Canine’s Liver Disease

The following are the predisposing factors that may lead to liver problems in dogs:

  • Injuries
  • Dog’s poor diet
  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Infection or trauma in the liver
  • Other diseases affecting the liver
  • Some medications

Moreover, there are dog breeds that are more prone to acquiring the liver disease. The Doberman Pinscher and the West Highland Terriers are the most common dog breeds which are at high risk of developing the disease in the liver. Aside from that, the liver disease in dogs is included in the top five causes of deaths in canines under the non-accidental category.

In case, you believe that your dog has a liver problem, the best thing to do is to take him to the veterinarian. Just keep in mind that detection of the disease at an early stage is a helpful means of addressing the problem. Following the right medication and appropriate diet including the best food to feed a dog with liver problems are generally beneficial for dogs suffering from this condition.

Best Food to Feed a Dog with Liver Problems – The Dietary Guideline

In case you decided to have a modification for the dietary requirement of your dog, remember to do it slowly and moderately. If you take an immediate and drastic change, it may basically cause havoc to the stomach of the dog and eventually make him feel worse. Generally, consider talking to the veterinarian in order to identify ways of making the changes.

Basically, give food to the dog most of the times every day. The meals provided should be more than one to two meals. Moreover, go for smaller meals and offer food at least 4 to 5 times daily. This feeding routine would generally make easier digestion and reduce the nutritional level that the liver needs to process.

However, a raw dog food diet is one of the best food to feed a dog with liver problems that a pet owner may have to consider. Yet, there is still confusion in opting for raw feeding in dogs. Following a safe raw feeding is basically the key to have a healthier liver for canines.

Creating an Appropriate Diet Using the Best Food to Feed a Dog with Liver Problems

Although it is basically normal to think for the best food to feed a dog with liver problems, always remember that all relevant dietary modifications must be discussed with the vet. Yet, chronic liver disease is not a medical condition that must be addressed without medical assistance. Generally, the veterinarian will come up with a plan regarding the dog’s diet that will support the recovery of the dog.

Here are the primary goals for the treatment diet plan for dogs having liver problems:

  1. Offer better nutrition for the maintenance of the dog’s energy and overall health
  2. Enhance regeneration of the liver while reducing stress over it
  3. Reduce the possibility of having liver complications like hepatic encephalopathy
  4. Preventing liver damage due to copper accumulation within the organ

Particular Diet for Canines Having Liver Problems

Basically, there are certain steps to take into account in relation to the daily eating habits of the dog especially if they suffer from liver problems that need modification in their diet. But, this will generally require the discussion of such diet change with the vet.  

Moreover, if you are concern with the diet of your pooch especially if he is suffering from liver disease, there is the best food to feed a dog with liver problems. Actually, this kind of food includes homemade dog food and commercially available dog food. Let’s check what are those:

Homemade Dog Food

One of the best food to feed a dog with liver problems is preparing your very own version of homemade dog food recipe for your lovable pooch. But, always remember that if you opt to feed this to your dog, there must be at least 50% of meat present on the meal.

Moreover, the remaining 50% should be accounted to carbs and grain or it could also be lesser. Generally, the computation of the amount of the best food to feed a dog with liver problems is basically dependent on the multiplication of one gram of protein and the bodyweight of the dog.

Potato and Fish White Mix

Basically, the Potato and White Fish Mix is a diet that may help to cleanse the liver of the doggy making is the best food to feed a dog with liver problems. It generally has 1:1 ratio of white potatoes and sweet potatoes. Additionally, cod or halibut is also added, or you could also consider using other white fish.

Just simply combine 1/3 fish into 2/3 parts of the potato mixture. Once the dog is already familiar with the diet, it is time to put some veggies. Vegetables like carrots, green beans, and yellow squash must be chopped. Aside from that, you can also add some scrambled eggs. A daily multivitamin is also a beneficial addition to this doggy liver recipe.

White Fish and Veggie Mix

This fish and veggie mix is actually one of the homemade dog food that is the best food to feed a dog with liver problems as it cleanses and detoxifies the liver. Through the use of fresh ingredients such as the combination of 25% white fish and 75% veggies, you can basically prepare a homemade White Fish and Veggie Mix.

Generally, the following vegetables to consider in this homemade dog food with liver problems are the green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, and zucchini. However, while consuming this homemade dog food, it is actually better to lower the use of Phenobarbital.

Cheesy Chicken Doggy Recipe

Another homemade dog food that is the best food to feed a dog with liver problems generally contains high quality of proteins that come in the powerful combination of chicken, egg, and cheese. Aside from that, this Cheesy Chicken Doggy Recipe also consists of an abundant amount of soluble fiber that sourced out from oatmeal and pumpkin. Cheesy Chicken Doggy Recipe is a simple and easy homemade dog food that basically supports healthy digestion of the dog.


  • Chicken – generally cooked of about 1/2 cup
  • Cottage cheese – preferably low-fat of around 3/4 cup
  • Egg – boiled of about 1 piece
  • Oatmeal – around 1/2 cup; cooked
  • Pumpkin – basically 1/2 cup of canned form

How to Cook:

  1. Initially, cut the chicken meat in dice. Just ensure that it is already skinless and boneless.
  2. Basically, cook it based on your preference. You can actually place it in an oven to bake, fry it, or boil.
  3. Afterwards, mix the cooked oatmeal and the boiled eggs into the chicken.
  4. In a large bowl, add the cottage cheese and the canned pumpkin and mix it all together properly.
  5. Then, it is ready to serve. Moreover, you can also put the leftovers inside the fridge up to a maximum of 4 days. In case you prepared a bigger batch, this homemade doggy recipe is good to freeze for about 2 months.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Food to Feed a Dog with Liver Problems

When you opt to buy the best food to feed a dog with liver problems, consider the following factors. Doing so can give your dog better digestion and the overall health that they need:

1. Liver Disease

Generally, medical conditions related to the liver develop the moment this organ fails to perform a certain task. However, there are some liver problems that occur due to the inability of the liver to effectively store some nutrients such as copper. While some dogs also experience liver problems once the liver is not able to metabolize harmful substances. These substances usually come from microbes or human products like certain medication.  

Moreover, digestive issues in dogs also happen the moment the bile is unable to circulate properly. In connection to this, the liver may have the possibility to get damaged physically. Actually, the main reason that causes the liver swelling and fluid leaking into the abdominal cavity is the circulatory issue.  

In general, no matter what is the causative factor of liver disease in dogs, the most important thing to consider is whether the liver condition is acute or chronic. Basically, the liver has the ability to regenerate all by its own thus it can repair itself after acute inflammation. On the other hand, chronic liver disease in dogs may result in cirrhosis. This is generally a condition that frequent liver repairs may cause scar tissue accumulation.

Basically, if you have some idea about your dog’s liver condition, then you can able to give the best food to feed a dog with liver problems.

2. Liver Disease Symptoms in Dogs

Actually, some liver conditions create significant clinical signs. However, there would be no noticeable signs if only small numbers of liver cells are affected because of injury. The most common signs of liver conditions are characterized by the following:

  • Generalized malaise and fatigue
  • Depression
  • Stomach pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Vomiting

3. Nutrients to look for

Basically, the best food to feed a dog with liver problems consists of high-quality proteins which come from non-meat sources. But, if you still opt to give your dog animal protein, it is generally advisable to choose a dog food with chicken or turkey in its ingredient. Moreover, also look for dietary fiber in the ingredient list as dogs suffering from liver issues require a high amount of healthy fiber. This can be found in carbohydrates like grains, oatmeal, and pumpkin.

Moreover, the best food to feed a dog with liver problems also includes dairy products such as yoghurt and cheeses including cottage, ricotta, and goat cheese. Most importantly, you should give a dog with a diet including omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils or coconut oils.

4. Nutrients to avoid

Generally, a high amount of copper should not be given to dogs with liver disease. Actually, most diseases of the liver are related to the additional copper build-up. That’s the reason why copper consumption in dogs must be closely monitored. Knowing this, it is better to avoid feeding beef, duck, lamb, salmon, and pork to dogs suffering from liver problems because they are rich in copper.

Aside from that, salt is another nutrient that requires strict monitoring in dogs having this problem. Basically, with salt comes fluid retention that exacerbates fluid build-up within the abdomen in relation to liver disease.

List of Commercial Best Food to Feed a Dog with Liver Problems

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Royal Canin Veterinary Hepatic Dry Dog Food

best food to feed a dog with liver problems

The things that make the Royal Canin Veterinary Hepatic Dry Dog Food the best food to feed a dog with liver problems are its high palatability and easy digestibility features. Generally, it helps to manage liver disease in canines as its formula has a restricted amount of copper. Aside from that, other ingredients that it has include nutrients that boost the liver functioning. It is very friendly to the liver due to the moderate amount of vegetable protein content.

Basically, Royal Canin Veterinary Hepatic Dry Dog Food also contains brown rice, corn, brewer’s rice, and soy protein isolate which gives about 339 kilocalories in every cup of kibble. Moreover, your dog can found an abundant amount of antioxidants with this best food to feed a dog with liver problems that generally enhance their immune system.

Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free Dog Food

best food to feed a dog with liver problems

Another best food to feed a dog with liver problems is the Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free Dog Food. It is fully packed with superfood nutrient blend that is applicable for all breeds and all dog ages. Aside from that, this commercially available dog food for liver problems is organic having free-range chicken being the top ingredient on the list.

The other ingredients that Castor & Pollux Organix Grain-Free Dog Food contains include blueberries, coconut oil, and flaxseed that are all organic. Moreover, this dog food formula is also abundant in omega oils which enhance a healthy coat and skin of the dog. Basically, no fillers, antibiotics, hormones, artificial ingredients, and preservatives are present in this dog food.

Wellness Natural Pet Food Adult Complete Health Dog Food

best food to feed a dog with liver problems

If you are looking for the best food to feed a dog with liver problems, the Wellness Natural Pet Food Adult Complete Health Dog Food generally contains natural ingredients and powerful nutrients that enhance the overall health of the dog. The deboned chicken together with oatmeal and peas generally make the formula of this dog food highly delicious. Aside from great palatability, it also promotes healthy weight of the dog.

Moreover, this dog food with liver problems does not contain fillers like soy, wheat, and corn. It does not have meat by-products and harmful ingredients such as preservatives and artificial flavors. Additionally, the formula of this Wellness Natural Pet Food Adult Complete Health Dog Food contains vitamin E which is very important for the proper liver functioning. It is also fortified with minerals for a healthy immune system.

Brothers Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food

Generally, Brothers Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food is one of the best food to feed a dog with liver problems as it resembles the natural diet of canines. Dogs of all stages can consume this dog food because it enhances the health of the gut, and at the same time, avoiding food allergies. The top ingredient of the list the Brothers Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food is turkey followed by whole dried eggs.

Actually, 90% of the protein contents of this dog food with liver problems come from an animal source. Moreover, the formula is also enhanced with digestive enzymes that lead to healthy digestion. Additionally, better absorption of nutrients is also experienced because of the encapsulated probiotics and prebiotics components. The Brothers Complete Ultra Premium Dog Food is an all-natural dog food that is kept and preserved inside BHA and BHT free bags.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Generally, this is where diet modification takes in. It is highly beneficial for dogs suffering from liver disease. Moreover, ensuring that the dog is getting enough nutrients and calories for liver functioning, the dog requires a special diet.


A: Liver disease in canines may result in liver malfunction if left untreated. Moreover, if the dog is also suffering from other diseases, it can also affect the functioning of the liver. Luckily, there are ways to manage this health-related condition in dogs. Yet, few dogs can live normally for years after diagnosis.


A: The symptoms of liver disease generally range from unclear to specific. There are dogs that may have a total feeling of weakness which leads to vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and pain in the abdomen.

Final Thoughts

The best food to feed a dog with liver problems is generally beneficial for dogs having hepatic conditions. You can opt to prepare your own version of homemade dog food for liver disease or you can consider feeding them the commercially available dog food formulated for such condition. Moreover, buying this kind of dog food needs the following factors for consideration such as the liver condition of the dog, its symptoms, nutrients to look for, nutrients to avoid, and other features that come with it.

Aside from that, in terms of dog food with liver disease, opting for a high-quality product is the best choice for investment over the years. So, instead of buying an affordable one, it is much better to put your money on dog food that promotes the overall health and wellness of the dog for a long period of time.

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